Our primary purpose is the global financial inclusion

Who we are

Avenue helps people to easily access the US investment market. Our products, systems and everything else was specifically designed for international investors with little or zero experience in the US.

We put together state of the art technology and deep understanding of back-office processes to offer you an amazing investment experience.

We are built for those who don't accept any boundaries in their lives anymore. People like you.

At Avenue, we believe that our lives are global and that they will become more and more global in the future. And that's why it's so important to have the economic freedom to invest anywhere in the planet.

Avenue Securities

Avenue offers control of your American investments.


It has never been easier to open an account in the United States. No more bureaucracy, documents coming and going, days for the confirmation of the deposit and having to deal with all this in a different language. Be taken care of by people who you can relate to you and open your account in just a few minutes — all in only one registration.

International HomeBroker

Through the Desktop or the App (coming soon), you get access to online quotes listed in the US market, route orders, view your investment portfolio and have access to reports that ensure simplicity and transparency.