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Stock Exchange

Explore the potential of the US market

Avenue connects you to the world's largest Stock Exchanges, such as Nasdaq and NYSE. There are more than 8,000 assets, including stocks, ETFs, REITs, and ADRs, for you to invest in.


Own a portion of the companies you know and like. Find out good opportunities on the American Stock Exchange and the possibility of buying fractional shares.

This is not a recommendation to buy or sell the stocks of the companies mentioned.

Facilities when investing in the stock exchange with Avenue


You can invest thousands of assets in the world's largest Stock Exchanges.

Real-time Quotes

Get the real-time quotes provided by Nasdaq in the premium plan.

Taxes Made Simple

Detailed reports to facilitate your income tax return and free DARF filing.

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Safe Exchange

Convert your funds quickly and conveniently through our website or app. All exchanges are registered by BACEN.

Pre-Market and After-Hours Trading

The premium plan gives you two more hours to invest in the American market. More flexibility to make your investment decisions.

Not sure where to start?

Check out our recommendations according to your investor profile. You will also have access to analysis tools, insights and lives about investments.

What are Equities?

What are the advantages of Equities?

What are the Equities investments available at Avenue?

Is it safe to invest in Equities at Avenue?

How do I invest in Equities at Avenue?

What are Equities?

Equities are a very popular investment category in the United States. It comprises assets whose yield and par value change according to economic and market conditions, such as Stocks, ETFs, REITs, and ADRs.

What are the advantages of Equities?

Investing in Equities is an option for those seeking to diversify, expand potential income and have assets in a historically strong currency. You have direct access to the world’s largest Stock Exchanges at Avenue.

What are the Equities investments available at Avenue?

At Avenue, you have direct access to the world’s largest exchanges and assets, such as Stocks, REITs, ADRs and Fixed Income, Equity and Leveraged or Inverse ETFs.

Is it safe to invest in Equities at Avenue?

Avenue Securities LLC is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which has coverage* for client accounts up to US$500,000 (US$250,000 in cash) and is supervised and authorized to operate under Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the primary U.S. regulatory agency.

* SIPC protection is limited. The SIPC only protects the broker’s custody function. SIPC does not protect against a decline in the value of your securities. SIPC does not protect individuals who own worthless stocks and other securities.

How do I invest in Equities at Avenue?

You need to open an investment account with Avenue Securities, make a deposit in BRL, then make the exchange to dollars. Then you just need to access the Investments menu on the Avenue website or app to find several Equity assets and start investing abroad.

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