Why Avenue?

Created for international investors. We are an American broker-dealer, made to facilitate the access of our clients to a universe of investment possibilities.

Our purpose is to include the public in the international investment market, counting with a broad platform (more than 3000 assets).

Why invest abroad?

Every day your life is impacted a little bit more by overseas companies: so why not invest in businesses that are in your day to day lives?

Much more than just a broker-dealer, our mission is access.

Registration and access

How do I open an account?

Our registration is 100% online. To open your account, click Open Your Account on the home screen and follow the instructions.

The registration is divided into four stages:

1. Personal Information

2. Contact Information

3. Financial Information

4. Upload of Documentation

Please be ready to provide a photo id (Driver’s License or an ID Card) and an updated proof of residency (last three months).

After completing your personal and professional information, your account will be validated in a few moments. If we are unable to validate your information, you will need to upload your documents to be able to open your account.

Even if your information is validated without sending the documentation, it is recommended to upload your documents in the case you want to increase your limit.

Joint Account vs. Individual Account

The joint account offered by Avenue Securities is joint tenants with rights of survivorship even though only one user has access to the platform. The two holders indicated in the registration have an equal right to the account's assets.

In an individual account, the customer is the sole owner of the account and its assets. The owner is the only person authorized to control investments, deposits or withdrawals of money.

In both cases (joint or individual account), deposits and withdrawals to/from your current account in the bank should be exclusively from an account of the same ownership.

Products and services

What are my investment possibilities at Avenue Securities?

Avenue offers its clients access to more than 3000 securities traded on major US, NYSE and Nasdaq exchanges that include:

- Shares - All shares traded on the Avenue Securities platform are known as common shares, and there are currently no preferred shares as an investment option although all shares are of the same type, some companies may submit two or more different classes of shares with different voting rights for each category. The structure of more than one share class is common for companies that want to keep equity control in the hands of founders or specific executives.

- REITs – Real Estate Investment Trust is a company that owns or finances real estate that generates income. The REITs allow anyone to invest in large-scale real estate portfolios in the same way that they do with other sectors, that is, through the purchase of shares in the financial market.

- ADRs – American Depositary Receipts are certificates of deposit, issued and traded, bearing on securities issued by foreign companies. In the case of the US market, these assets are denominated as ADRs. These certificates of deposit permit the investment in foreign stocks without having to open an account in a brokerage firm in the country where the shares are traded and dealing with currencies operations other than the US dollar and transfer funds to another country besides the US.

- ETFs – Exchange Traded Funds from various sectors and countries – are investment funds traded on the stock exchange, which may consist of several different assets (stocks, REITs, fixed income securities, commodities, options, currencies, swap, etc.).

Order Types

Limited Order - The limited order is to determine the amount by which the investor intends to purchase the asset. Execution shall be subject to the market value of the asset being equal to or better than then reported by the investor.

Market Order - The market order consists of requesting the purchase of an asset for the best price present in the market at the time of the request.

Stop Order - The stop order consists of placing a trigger in the market so that when the price of a stock reaches or passes the request the order is sent to the market.

Will I have some follow up when it comes to investing?

We have dozens of contents designed for investors who want to increase their knowledge in investments abroad. You can access them through our website and in our social media channels. Avenue does not offer investment advice yet, but we are available to provide all the necessary support to carry out your orders.

Taxation and costs

Is there a cost to open an account?

No. However, the first deposit in the US investment account will be charged a one time cost of US$2,00 for the W-8 Ben form required by the IRS.

What is the monthly maintenance fee?

The monthly maintenance fee is US$2,00, but all accounts are exempt from this fee until December 2019.

What is the cost of Brokerage?

Up to US$ 2,000.00 - Fee: US$ 5,00

From US$ 2.001,00 to US$ 5.000,00 - Fee: US$ 10,00

From US$ 5,001.00 to US$ 10,000.00 - Fee: US$ 20,00

Above US$ 10.001,00 - Fee: US$ 100,00

***Operations executed by trading desk will be charged 0.5% as commission fee per volume or a minimum of US$20,00

Other costs

Cost of financial withdrawals - Fee of R$ 1,00 per transaction

Exchange: No Exchange rate fees.


How do I recover my access information for my Avenue account?

If you have started your registration and do not remember the registered password, you can click on forgot my password, provide your e-mail and it will be sent to your registered e-mail.


Avenue Securities is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which protects customers up to $ 500,000 (including $ 250,000 in cash). Further explanation and details are available upon request at www.sipc.com.

SEC Customer Protection Rule

Shares contained in the client's portfolio are 100% owned by it.

Member Finra

Avenue is registered with FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), a non-governmental corporation that acts as a self-regulatory organization for member brokers and foreign exchange markets and has the function of protecting certifiers by making sure that the United States securities industry operates fairly and honestly.

To check if a broker is part of FINRA, just search by name on https://brokercheck.finra.org